Ruralsafe Induction On-line “RIO”

An increasingly popular option for general OHS induction particularly amongst our more remote clients is the highly acclaimed RuralSafe Induction On-line or “RIO”.

No more should distance, travel expenses and time away from work be a barrier to providing OHS induction for your employees, casuals and contract workers. “RIO” enables completion of a general OHS induction at any site where a computer with access to the internet exists. The service is cost effective with maximum flexibility.

The “RIO” system is interactive and the inductee is required to complete an assessment relating to the induction program before being permitted to download and print off a RuralSafe Certificate of Induction and RuralSafe induction card.

What Are The Benefits Of Ruralsafe Induction On-line?

  • Occupational Health and Safety induction and assessment
  • Includes a general OHS induction/ assessment of employees and contractors.
  • Helps towards ensuring your OHS legal compliance for OHS induction.
  • Helps ensure that all people entering your work place are aware of the risks and rules that are applicable to your organisation.
  • Provides your company with a paper trail of inductees.
  • The process and content is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your business requirements.
  • Contact time with the inductee is at the discretion of the organization.
  • Contractors can be inducted remotely prior to entering the work place.
  • Security is assured and accessed by randomly generated password obtained from RuralSafe.
  • An assessment helps provide proof of knowledge.
  • A certificate and induction card are generated for accountability and paper trial.
  • Your company specific content and assessment questions can be used.
  • An automatic reminder system allows for scheduled renewals of all inductees.
  • Saves you preparation, delivery time, worry and money.

OHS RIO online