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When it comes to complying with OHS legislation and controlling safety risks within rural regional enterprises, make no mistake- the biggest risk of all is to do nothing!

OHS risks associated with rural workplaces are not only felt in terms of pain and suffering, but also relate to increasing threats of litigation and heavy financial loss.

Demonstrating OHS due diligence has never been more important for employers, company directors and managers. Organisations, no matter what their size simply can’t afford not to address OHS risks as an integral part of their business management.

In spite of what is commonly seen as an increasing burden and real threat to the long-term viability of rural industries, there is good news. With proper guidance and the leading expertise offered by RuralSafe, OHS risks are being effectively managed by many businesses similar to your own.

In fact with RuralSafe assisting you to meet your legal duty of care you will find like many others have, that managing safety does make good business sense; through:

  • promoting and maintaining safer workplaces for you, your workers and visitors;
  • reducing costly accidents, downtime, injury and potential litigation; and thereby
  • enhancing the productivity, efficiency and performance of your business.

Selecting the right OHS consultant is among the more important decisions you can make for protecting business viability and the safety of workers. In RuralSafe, the choice doesn’t need to be a difficult one.

Meet OHS compliance

Meet OHS compliance

Meet OHS compliance and enhance your business performance too.
Let us take the worry out of OHS for you.

managing safety does make good business sense

Managing safety makes good business sense


Understanding your legal responsibilities and the expectations of workers, contractors and others in relation to OHS can seem a daunting task. Unfortunately too, ignorance of your duty of care responsibilities offers no real defence against the risk of prosecution where a breach of OHS law has occurred.

Don’t wait for accidents to occur and suffer the consequences of injury, damaged equipment, lost time, legal expenses and other costly disruptions. Think ‘what if’ rather than ‘if only’. Identify what the OHS hazards are to your business. Assess the potential risks and how significant the impact they could have. Determine the type of control measures required to best manage those risks for your business. Implement your OHS controls, monitor and evaluate their effectiveness.

Effective safety management can be viewed similar to other quality assurance activities and programs. To be efficient and cost effective you must maintain a proactive approach and be committed to a continuous safety improvement process.

RURALSAFE: Evidence-based, practical and cost effective solutions. RuralSafe doesn’t promote star awards, or use other gimmicks in distinguishing our professional services. Our trainers and consultants live and work in rural regional communities delivering cutting edge services. We design these to assist you not only meet OHS compliance but enhance your business performance too.

Tailored Programs

We don’t sell off-the-shelf packages and then expect wholesale changes from your business to adapt to its use. RuralSafe will tailor the OHS program to fit in with how you like to manage your business. Our objective is to integrate rather than duplicate your existing systems and quality assurance programs. Thereby helping to optimize both the efficiency and effectiveness of your OHS system.

Many small to medium businesses cannot afford a full-time OHS risk manager or coordinator. This often means that such roles and responsibilities get added to another person’s already heavy workload. RuralSafe can provide regular on-site visits or scheduled external audits to assess maintenance of the OHS management system. RuralSafe will help ensure you and your business assets are being well protected.

No matter whether you require to be totally involved in the establishment and maintenance of your OHS management system or prefer RuralSafe to do the bulk of the work, we have a package to suit. Let us take the worry out of OHS for you.